What are the Different Types of Glass Splashbacks?

¬†Glass splashbacks Sunshine and windows are now a hot favorite in many homes all around the world as a modern look that brings great benefits to the homeowner. With its unlimited color choices and clean lines, glass splashbacks really are both simple and durable to maintain. They are also very easy to clean and mold-free […]

How to Choose a Glass Splashback For Your Home

Glass splashbacks are available in a variety of different styles These glass panels for the kitchen or bathroom that come in different shapes and sizes can help you to create a focal point for your space, as well as improving your design. The first thing to consider when choosing a glass splashback for your home […]

Glass Splashbacks Adds Color

Patterned printed glass splashbacks can: Add some great colour definition to a room. pull together the existing colours and tones in your kitchen. Adding some flair to a room that’s kitchen looks a bit boring or a bit too drab. A printed glass splashbacks with a pattern, in a contrasting colour scheme, adds just the […]