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What If Office Cleaners Don’t Fulfill What They Promised?

As the office manager, what are your actions and steps to create a better working environment for your employees? A few office managers focus on client satisfaction. However, they don’t give any attention to their employees! 

The demand for office cleaning services has increased, though. We all can be happy about it. Why would you hire a professional cleaning service? You could be anybody; an office manager, commercial property owner, or homeowner. Your ultimate expectation is a clean property. Unfortunately, what if the cleaner doesn’t fulfil it?

Professional Commercial And Office Cleaning Services: Office cleaning can be either small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale projects. Therefore, the office manager should pick the right cleaner, depending on such demands and aspects. You hire an office cleaning service in Melbourne with positive expectations:

  • Quality service that makes your office premise a spotless one.
  • Health & safety, childcare, and protection from disease-causing pathogens. 
  • High-quality cleaning that adheres to industry standards.
  • Regular cleaning that maintains property cleanliness levels without fail. 

If any cleaning company doesn’t fulfil those requirements, what should be your actions against it? 

Office Cleaners

As our previous articles have explained, Office Cleaners can come through commercial cleaners. What are the times when you would get disappointed with fake-professional cleaners?

  1. Any cleaning company would offer you a free quote in the beginning. They will tell you many things such as “we are a leading commercial cleaning Melbourne company, and we offer sensitive cleaning aids, including aged care cleaning.”
  2. In the meantime, they will try to trick you with a low-priced quote. 
  3. If you are an office manager who doesn’t know much about competitive prices or standard, affordable price limits, then you would fall for the “cheap” label. 

Commercial cleaning companies can’t offer you any aid at cheap rates today. Spot for the following signs:

  • The office cleaning company doesn’t show up on time.
  • You spend money, but the office premise is a total mess.
  • Your employees complain about nasty smells, dirty surfaces, and tech gadget malfunctions. 
  • Clients seem to be unhappy about something. When you analyze the reason in detail, you understand that the office premise is dirty.

Cleaners in Melbourne should go the extra mile for clients; this is our vision. Through this vision, we have managed to become one of the leading commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. 

If your cleaning requirements don’t get fulfilled, or you realize that the cleaning company doesn’t make use of the standard cleaning products, then fire them straight away. Why would you waste any more time on a service that doesn’t adhere to its promises? 

You have many other cleaning companies in Melbourne to hire as office cleaners now. A quick tip: if the cleaner did cut corners one time, then they will undoubtedly do it again. Would you waste time inspecting their work daily? Body corporate cleaning needs real professionals in the industry. 

Office Cleaners

Should You Tolerate Nonsense?: If it is the cleaning service that did office cleaning for you for years, then you may ask the following questions:

  • Why does service quality seem to fade?
  • My office premise looks untidy, why is that?
  • I am not happy with the service quality now, and I won’t tolerate it further. 

If office cleaners you have hired were genuine ones, then they will give you all positive answers to these questions. Maybe the cleaning team comprises newbies. If that is the case, you can request them to implement trained cleaners again. 

As the office manager, you also have to understand a fact here. Let’s say you did hire a professional cleaning service five years ago. Thus, the cleaning package and the rate that they agreed on that time may be outdated by now. Office Cleaners may increase their rates once in a while. However, this change shouldn’t take place more than one time per year. 

Closing Thoughts: If a cleaning company doesn’t fulfil what they promised you in the beginning, don’t tolerate it. 

For non-failing office cleaning services, hire Baps Cleaning. 


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