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Migration Lawyer Melbourne Service FAQs Answered

Entering Australia via a legal visa is the only way to progress further as a genuine stayer in the country. If you are applying for any Australian visa for the first time, then you should know that the immigration laws of this country are strict and robust in all the ways. Therefore, you should know the right visa applying process, your rights, and possible options in advance. 

Have you hired an immigration law service before? If your answer is “Yes,” then you know how those experts proceed with your claim. However, this can be your first time. Therefore, you will highly benefit from reading this article. Commonly-asked questions regarding this professional aid covered in this article. 

Why Should I Hire A Migration Lawyer In Melbourne?: This service is in operation all across Australia. The service we define here is a local service. Thousands of people prefer living in the Melbourne CBD. Thus, you should hire a lawn service that exclusively offers local services for visa applicants who prefer living in Melbourne.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you have to face one of the most robust immigration laws on the planet. Therefore, you may get confused and misunderstand the required proceeding. As a result, you would make mistakes that lead to visa refusal. 

  • A migration lawyer is a person who has mastered the country’s law. Therefore, he/she knows the right visa extension option suited for an applicant and plan the steps accordingly. 
  • A single mistake is sufficient for visa rejection. The application form that you have to fill and send is also a complicated document. If you are a foreign visa applicant, then you should hire Australian migration agents, and there are no other alternatives to it. 
  • A quick tip: a considerable percentage of visa applicants assume that this professional aid is expensive. The truth is the opposite. We don’t say that you can hire a lawyer for $50, but affordable rates give you peace of mind about the budget set for it today. 

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

What Is Legal Advice?: When things get complicated, what would you do? Mostly, you will seek for professional assistance. Legal advice is similar to this in many ways. However, one can assume that this advisory service is useless. “Why can’t I go through the official visa office’s website?” This could be your mindset related to it. 

Advisory service is helpful for foreign and local visa applicants who don’t have a better understanding of the Australian visa process. Out of all available visa options, what is the most practical extension for me? If you have such concerns, then we advise you to seek professional legal advice services provided by migration lawyer Melbourne services. 

  • You can hire an individual lawyer. 
  • Or, hire a law firm like Demel lawyers. 

Online or over-the-phone advisory services are available, but nothing can replace the traditional sit-down meeting with the lawyer. 

What Type Visa Available For Temporarily Stay Or Visit?: You can apply for a visiting visa, student visa, or short-term visas. However, you should have a real purpose. For example, you shouldn’t use a student visa to enter the country but stay without completing your studies. Also, never assume that you can enter Australia via visiting visa, but stay as an illegal immigrant afterwards forever. The Australian border force is advanced, and they will discover you sooner than ever now. Still, the Australian government hasn’t restricted authentic immigrants from entering the country. 

  • If you apply for a visiting visa for a holiday in this glorious country, then enjoy your holiday and don’t go beyond your visa status. 
  • As a student, you can complete your degree. If you plan to proceed further, then you can extend your student-stay with the help or recommendation provided by your university or college. 
  • For all such short-term stays, migration lawyers in Melbourne assist you from the beginning to the end. 

What Are Long-Term Visas?: Generally, we can class these as:

  1. Employer-Sponsored Visas.
  2. Partner Visa.
  3. Family Visas.
  4. 457 Visa. 

All the above visa extension methods are complicated in terms of documentation and requirements that you should complete and fulfil. Hence, it is 100% safe to say that hiring a migration lawyer for such complex visas is a must-do. There’s no journey alone in such cases whatsoever! 

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

How Can I Apply For The PR?: Immigration lawyers are working hard for this visa category for their clients now. Yes, you can apply for the PR, but many factors are there to determine your eligibility for it. The Australian government only gives this opportunity to the right individuals who will obey the country’s law and do something positive for the country. 

  • Partner Visa.
  • Extended Employer-Sponsored Visas.
  • Marriage Visas
  • International Protection Claims. 

The above are the options that get to the PR. However, the highly-recommended path would vary depending on your status and how well you have been in Australia during your stay. 

The migration law of the country is pretty strict about shoddy practices related to those long-term visa extensions. Therefore, make sure you are genuine all the time. The application process for such long-term stays includes pages of documentation. You undoubtedly need expert assistance to get it right.

Who Are Registered Migration Agents?: We are registered migration agents. Like us, hundreds of service providers do exist in Australia. Make sure you hire the local service migration lawyer Melbourne if you wish to stay in Melbourne. 

Closing Thoughts: Your knowledge of this professional service is your strength when choosing authentic and reliable immigration services in Melbourne. For all your visa requirements, no matter how complex it is, Demel is here. 

We are the best in terms of success rate or the percentage that our clients obtain their wished visa. Contact us today for more information! 

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