Chauffeured Cars Melbourne

Chauffeured Cars Melbourne Vehicle Choice Guide

Recently, we posted an article on our vehicle fleet, and this is a continuation of it. Today, we explain our Chauffeured Cars Melbourne options, and what are the ideal uses of those. So, whenever you book our service, you know the right car or van to pick.

OZE is a leading chauffeur service operating in Melbourne, and our vehicle fleet is a broad one. Therefore, you can pick the right car according to your exact requirements.

Affordable Airport Transfer Options: You may be a small business owner or a general passenger. No matter in which passenger group you are, everybody prefers choosing the most reliable and punctual transport service for airport transfers.

* Affordability is a factor that you would focus on as a small business owner or regular passenger.

* For you, we recommend the Holden Caprice car. This car is safe, comfortable, but affordable than other luxury cars. A grand-looking car that is ideal for airport transfers, business travels, weddings, and so on.

* Due to the larger size of the car, four passengers can comfortably fit in it. Upon your request, we can install baby seats as well for you.

Chauffeured Cars Melbourne

Other affordable Chauffeured cars in Melbourne is the Chrysler 300 C. In many ways, this car is similar to the Holden Caprice. The Chrysler 300C is an American-made car that aims passenger and cargo transport at once.

* To support its aim, the car manufacturer has used a bigger boot for cargo transport. As a result, you can place two large luggage and two small cabin bags in it.

* Up to three passengers can comfortably fit in this car.

* When compared to other chauffeured cars Melbourne options, the Chrysler 300C is a pretty affordable option. Still, it comes with many features such as safety, comfort, grand look, and so on.


Next, let’s move to the luxury or classy car options. VIPs and reputable business owners look for the best passenger transport service, and the chosen car plays a vital role in it. Therefore, we have to offer them world-famous and classy car brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz.

1) The Mercedes Benz S Class: A world-famous car for its grand look, exceptional features, comfort, safety, and overall performance. At OZE, we offer this car option to anyone who looks for the ultimate driving experience.

* Up to three passengers can comfortably fit in this classy car. The massive boot can accommodate two large luggage and two small cabin bags.

* Ideal for Melbourne tours, airport transfers, executive transfers, VIPs, business travels, and many more.

* The car is highly comfortable, making it the ideal choice for long-distant travel needs such as inter-estate transfers.

* At OZE, we offer this chauffeurs cars Melbourne option at affordable rates.

Chauffeured Cars Melbourne

2) The BMW 7 Series: Another renowned car for its luxury, comfort, safety, world-class look, features, and overall performance. VIPs and business owners love this car, and they choose it for business travels, VIP functions, and airport transfers.

* Up to three passengers can fit in this spacious, grand car.

* The spacious boot can fit in two large luggage and two small bags.

* Ideal for Melbourne tours, VIP functions, corporate transfers, inter-estate transfers, and many more.


Some Final Words: OZE is a leading chauffeured cars service in Melbourne, and our vehicle fleet is broader than ever now.

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