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Everything That Comes Under Car For Rent Explained

Car hire companies in Melbourne now offer a broad range of vehicles for clients. As our previous articles have explained, you can hire these cars or vans on rental basis at affordable rates. Why would someone look for cars for rent is a fact to consider here? For example, in Australia, even vehicle owners look for this service. What is the reason behind this trend? 

When the owned car/van is not the ideal one to fulfil their travel needs, then that is the time they look for vehicles for rent. In Melbourne’s CBD, hundreds of car renters are now available. However, which service offers the broadest range is a prime factor to consider here.

Melbourne Car For Rent And Its Purpose: As mentioned, fulfilling those travel needs that you can’t achieve with your current van or car is the purpose of this rental service. Therefore, make sure you pick the right vehicle that suits your needs the most. 

Car For Rent

Let’s say you plan to attend something special, such as sports events or road trips. In this case, the right vehicle depends on the number of passengers. If only up to four passengers are there to travel, then a car would be sufficient. 

For larger passenger groups, vans or minibuses are the right choices. You can get all these through the car for rent services in Melbourne today. Anyway, a few facts are there to consider when choosing the vehicle renter. For example, how is the condition of their car or van fleet? Does it cover the crucial fact of health and safety? Why health and safety?

  • Hiring a car in Melbourne to fulfil your travel needs is easy today. But, you have to focus a lot on road safety, too. We can explain it to you with an example. 
  • Let’s say you rent a car for a Spencer Street Docklands ride. It’s a family trip. You have two kids who are under five years. How would you make sure that kids will stay safe in the rented car? For it, you need to have baby seats. In the Melbourne region, advanced vehicle renters fulfil such unique needs, too. 

Thus, car rentals in Melbourne may look a straightforward service, but it touches deeper aspects, too. 

Car For Rent Options: Either you can hire a car with a driver. Or, you can rent a car and drive it yourself. Car and driver hire option is best for leisure travel needs. For example, driving in Melbourne yourself is not ideal when you plan family tours. In this case, you could hand over the task to a driver and be a part of the family. 

However, a few clients prefer only the family members taking part in the journey. Such clients prefer renting the vehicle and drive it themselves. Below is a list of destination that our clients visit in our rental vehicles:

  1. Southern Cross Station.
  2. The Great Ocean Road.
  3. Yarra Valley.
  4. St Kilda.
  5. Melbourne Tours.

So,  you can make use of rental cars for a variety of travel needs today. The right vehicle renter is all you have to discover for it. 

Choices Of Car For Rent In Melbourne: First of all, make sure that you have made the right choice. You can get a better idea of the service by the staff. The friendly staff always helps you with the vehicle choosing process. Next, identify your travel needs. Is it a car rental for a week or pick up and drop? As mentioned, a car and driver service also comes with benefits such as the hired driver looks after all, including searching for a car park. Thus, you are free to enjoy the drive peacefully. 

At Lion Car Rental, we offer the following vehicle options now:

  1. General Car: The ideal choice for day-to-day travel needs. Depending on your travel requirements, we offer many car options under this class. For example, a few clients looking for the most affordable option. However, all these cars and vans are in super condition. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about health and safety. Standards rates for this car is about $28 per day and $160 per week.
  2. Eco-Friendly Car: Sometimes, clients look for eco-friendly cars. Thus, we have to pay attention to their unique needs. Car for rent in Melbourne has to be the service for all, not only for a limited number of client groups. Anyway, the rates of this range is a bit higher than the general vehicle range. $31 per day and $175 per week. You can understand the reason for this marginal price difference!
  3. Eco-Premium Car: A sort of advanced eco-friendly car option for those clients who look for luxury, too. As the name suggests, this is a premium car that comes with a few added features. The comfort makes it ideal for long-distance journeys. Hence, we recommend this car for inter-state transfers. Price per day $36 and per week $210.
  4. Standard Car: Pretty much similar to the general car. Anyway, a bit more spacious, making it ideal for four passengers. The boot of the car can hold luggage, too. Since this is a standard car, the rates are a bit higher than car options we did mention so far. Per day $45 and per week $245. 
  5. SUV 5 Seater: A top choice among car for rent services in Melbourne. Up to four passengers can comfortably drive in it. An economical car that does great in terms of mileage per litre. Therefore, you can use it for inter-state transfers, too. $61 per day and $343 per week. 
  6. SUV 7 Seater: The most spacious car option we offer at affordable rates. Ideal for airport transfers, family tours, and visiting Melbourne as a group. No matter your travel needs, driving to South Melbourne, this car does great for you. 

Car For Rent

Depending on the car for rent service, the offered car/van options will vary to a greater extent. Thus, make sure you pick the right service in Melbourne. A quick tip: do your online research for discovering a full-service vehicle renter. 

Some Final Words: Car rentals in Melbourne is broader than ever now. However, crucial facts such as the vehicle fleet, vehicle condition, and friendly staff need clarifications in the first hand. 

At Lion Car Rentals, we provide our clients with a broad vehicle fleet. Not only cars, but you can get vans and even minibuses from us. Per-day and per-week are vehicle rental options. You can drive the hired car yourself or get it with a driver. Contact us today for more information! 

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