Melbourne airport parking rates

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Shhhh… Listen! Don’t You Hear The S Sound Of Melbourne Airport Parking Rates? Yes, I Hear You…

Recently, The RAA, the largest barangay in Australia has come up with a novel idea for disabled Melbourne Airport Parking Rates. What they are doing is that they have commenced offering pre-booked accessible parking at all terminal car parks at Melbourne’s international airport.

This is in response to the increased demand for accessible parking at the Melbourne airport, which has been created by the massive influx of passengers going into and coming out of Melbourne’s international airport. At times, there is simply not enough space available for wheelchair-bound people to get into the cars to use public transport.


Melbourne airport parking rates

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Even though the majority of the airports in Australia already have in place systems where you can pay by credit or debit card to use their accessible parking, there is still a huge requirement for additional spaces for the disabled community.

Even though most of the cities in Australia have some form of public transportation, it does not always work out well for those handicapped. In addition, most public transportation is not very affordable for those people who rely upon using public transport to get to and from work.

However, what the Melbourne Airport wants to do is provide an alternative means of transport for those disabled persons so that they too can enjoy using the city’s public transport system to get to and from work.

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates


Now, what are these parking passes exactly? Well, these parking passes are prepaid entry/exit passes that can be used at any of the accessible parking spaces inside the airport which are operated by the Melbourne airport parking rates management team. In essence, this allows those folks that require to park their vehicle at the airport to do so conveniently and without having to stand in line for a long time to get a parking space.

It also allows for more efficient traffic flow within the parking garage itself as the Melbourne airport parking staff will be able to automatically ticket those that don’t have their parking passes in proper working order.

There are many different types of Melbourne Airport Parking Rates passes available to use. For example, if you require parking your personal vehicle you can get an off-airport parking pass which will allow you free entrance to the terminal for a limited period of time. This works great if you need to go pick up your child from school or if you need to drop off or pick up something before you fly home.

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

If you do not have the ability to walk to the terminal with your wheelchair or if you have difficulty walking at all you can also purchase an accessible van seat for your automobile. There are many different types of handicap vans that you can select from to make your travel experience as comfortable as possible.

Not only will you be able to arrive at your destination in a much more comfortable manner, but you will be assisted as you head towards the door. No matter what your disability or situation may be, there is a car ramp or a handicap scooter to help you get to and from your vehicle safely.

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